Joe and Nate are both adventurous and passionate artists. We have spent many years evolving in our craft, we have made many mistakes and learned greatly from those that have walked before us. One of the greatest joys is sharing what we have learned with others. The moment you see it click for someone, the moment a camera becomes more than a little box that records color and form and becomes a tool to capture spirit and emotion is one of the most rewarding experiences we can share.

We each bring something different to the table. Joe specializes in the underwater world, both photo and video. Underwater, small mistakes are costly. Not only in terms of financially (ask him how many cameras he's flooded!) but also in time and opportunity. We have a limited time when we visit the underwater world. That time must be maximized. Timing, equipment and light are critical elements that must be understood and managed to take advantage of a world that so few of us have the chance to visit. The creatures you will encounter cannot be described with words, don't miss the picture that tells your story. Visiting a healthy coral reef or interacting with huge pelagic animals is often referred to as a spiritual experience for good reason. A snapshot will not do justice to your memory. Joe can help you find the spirit and the emotion in the image you see and capture it in the light it deserves.

Nate is a portrait and lifestyle photographer with a photojournalistic style. He can help you understand more than how to achieve a particular look, he can break down why the camera will produce each aesthetic. When you understand that you can make great photos in any situation. Nate loves to geek out on tech specs and the latest gear and can explain them in real world terms.

If you are looking to expand your photographic abilities we are available for one on one sessions. Share your goals with us and we will arrange a session to improve all aspects of your images.

If you have a need for specific images we can work with you to achieve your specific needs. Commercial and commission work is bid on an individual job basis.