Welcome. I hope you take the time to look around a bit.

I hope my photography, films, writing and discussions can give voice to the beauty and the fragility of the oceans and our lives. We protect what we love and I love the ocean, I love being in the ocean and I am in love with the ocean. I love the sway that carries you back and forth, always back and forth. I get excited when I hear the waves breaking or smell the salt in the air. My heart races when I go diving and see all the incredible beauty of this world that is so alien to us humans but so magical. I hope that maybe I can reach you and help you love the oceans and decide to make a difference. Because our oceans are in trouble on a variety of fronts and only through action can we bring hope. My approach is collaborative and you will find links to other websites that offer information, solutions and direction to solving these many problems. These will be updated often as I encounter more individuals and organizations with similar missions.

My other purpose is to encourage you to risk reaching for your dreams, whatever they may be and realize all any of us have is right now. My story is one of a second chance at life that makes me want to be kind and help where I can. If I can succeed at either of these things, just a bit, I will have made a difference in this world for the better. And that would be a good thing.

Thank you.

Joe Robinson